What are Hormones? Healthy Aging Past Menopause

Hormones are chemical messengers produced in the endocrine system, gut, kidneys, liver, and bones and then circulated by the bloodstream to cells and tissue. Hormones are responsible for regulating metabolism, behavior, and maintaining homeostasis of bodily functions.


The hormone estrogen is important to women because it influences female anatomy such as breast development and slows bone growth after puberty. Estrogen increases sensitivity to insulin which helps burn energy and lessen weight gain. It also helps maintain a woman’s bone and cardiovascular health.



Estrogen production declines when the ovaries stop producing it after menopause, accelerating the aging process. However, aging is highly individualized. While we can’t stop aging or change our heredity, overall health is strongly influenced by good nutrition, stress management, a clean environment, positive life experiences, and activity that keep our hormones working more efficiently.


Small positive changes leading to a healthier, active lifestyle now may have big returns down the road. What are you waiting for?




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