(Pre) Menopause Matters Not Your Mama's Menopause!

A course for women who "aren't there yet". Open to Professional Healthcare Providers. Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Menopause Education. Evidence-based, Comprehensive, and Clinically Relevant Information.

Independent Study Course

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This course is open to PTs, PTAs and other healthcare providers.

Snowden & Litos is an approved APTA course provider for the Michigan Physical Therapy Association. (Pre) Menopause Matters has been approved for 16 CEUs for Michigan and Maryland PTs and PTAs.

Many states will offer reciprocal CEUs for courses approved by other APTA state chapters. See the CEU link to learn more about requirements in your state for independent study courses.

Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Menopause Education.

Our Independent Study course offers self-paced learning with clinically relevant, evidence-packed recorded modules, a course manual pdf, and supplemental clinician resources (handouts and more). All participants earn a Certificate of Achievement in Menopause Education after passing the post-course examination. As alumni, participants are eligible for future course discounts and exclusive opportunities to keep current with the latest evidence in menopause education!

Women need current evidence-based education on this critical period of life NOW, not later!

This course is designed for the women who "aren't there yet," those who may not recognize their hormones are already silently changing as they go on with their busy lives...getting pregnant, nursing babies, building careers, exercising, or just hanging out with family or friends. Hormonal fluctuations begin twenty years or more before the menopause transition is complete, and early symptoms are often confused for other life events such as pregnancy, postpartum, or stress!

Did you know most medical programs
do not provide education specific to the menopause?

Let's save the next generation from preventable diseases and conditions that degrade quality of life and educate ALL women on simple actions they can take now for a better future.

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Fantastic program!

"I think the online model was fantastic and I greatly appreciate not having to fly across the country, get a hotel, transportation, etc. Thank you for extending this course to an online session."

Laura - student
Great course with an extensive manual!

"Thank you for a great course and extensive manual!"

april - student
very pleased!

"I was very pleased with the course."

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Evidence-Based & Clinically Applicable
Our Course Curriculum

Module 1: Menopause: Scope of the Topic: Course Objectives

Module 2: Female Aging: Anatomy and Physiology

Module 3: Management of Autonomic Symptoms

Module 4: Hormones Part A & B

Module 5: Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMS)

Module 6: Cardiovascular Health

Module 7: Bone Health

Module 8: Special Considerations

Module 9: Psychosocial Aspects of Menopause

Module 10: Stress Reduction and Relaxation Strategies

Module 11: Premature Menopause

Module 12: Metabolic Exercise and Fitness Prescription

Module 13: Nutrition & Weight Management for the Midlife Woman

Module 14: Pelvic Health: Bowel & Bladder Dysfunctions

Module 15: Good Vibrations: Sexuality in Midlife

What Makes Us Different?

  • Are Doctorate-trained Physical Therapists with Board Certified Specialization in Women’s Health, along with years of continuing education
  • Together have more than 50 years of clinical experience treating women, and continue to treat women throughout the lifespan
  • Are experienced educators in doctorate-level and postgraduate education for healthcare providers throughout the United States, and use the latest teaching strategies to make complex information understandable
  • Provide the most current menopause-related women’s health evidence, and won’t confuse that with opinion
  • Are skilled at teaching how to integrate scientific research with practical solutions for effective patient care
  • Respect our colleagues who also want to raise the bar for women’s medicine and won’t constantly bombard your inbox with mailings for purposes of self-promotion

Frequently asked questions

Is this course approved to provide me with CE/CEU credits?

We do not guarantee CEUs in all states because each has different requirements. Many states will accept CEUs approved by another APTA chapter. Please note that some states have different rules and may limit or not accept CEUs for Independent Study courses. It is the participant's responsibility to determine eligibility for CEUs prior to registration. We will provide you with information you need to submit independently for CEUs if you choose to do so.

(Pre) Menopause Matters Independent Study Course has been approved by the Maryland Physical Therapy Association for 1.6 CE (16 CEUs).

Don't see your state listed? No worries!

Most but not all states grant reciprocal CE/CEU credit to physical therapists for courses approved by another state association of the APTA. Specifically, many states accept credit for courses approved for CEUs by the “APTA and its components” (that means APTA and its specialty sections and state chapters).

PTs can check their state's CEU requirements here.

It is the individual participant's sole responsibility to determine this course's eligibility and submission requirements for CEU credit in their state. Other professionals need to check with their state organization as well to see if they can get CE credit for the course. We will assist you with documentation required for submission. Some states may require pre-approval, while others require no approval process for CEUs. If you still aren't sure, contact us.

Generally, states may require some or all of the following documents:

  1. Course Description
  2. Course Objectives
  3. Course Time Ordered Agenda
  4. Faculty CVs/Resumes
  5. Certificate of Completion
  6. Bibliography with up to 10 sources from the last 10 years (visit your course manual reference pages)

If you need additional documentation to submit for CEUs in your state for this course, please contact us: info@SnowdenLitos.com

Is there a cancelation policy?

There are no refunds on the Independent Study courses.