women's health education

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Cardiovascular Disease Training

In this mini-power course, we will be diving into the statistics of CVD in women, the risk factors that put women in danger of sustaining CVD, practical skills in how to screen women for CVD, and how to put this material into practice.

Bone Health And Osteoporosis Prevention

This special training focuses on bone health and osteoporosis prevention education for women, learn about screening, tactics and strategies to share, and preps you with tools with patients.

Hormone Considerations In Menopause

As health practitioners, we need to arm women with education about the aspects of menopause and educate them as part of the front-line defense to better understanding how to navigate their own personal symptoms.

(Pre) Menopause Matters

This is our signature independent study course offering 16 CEUs to physical therapists and physical therapist assistants – tried and true, we’ve successfully trained more than 100 clinicians nationally and internationally.

Corporate Training

We provide corporate training which focuses on Menopause Management in Rehabilitation. Our program explains the latest evidence on a natural life transition all women who live long enough will experience and prepares the physical therapist with menopause evaluation tools and treatment options for effective care of their female clients.