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Be In The Know About Your Health.

Women often report difficulty finding knowledgeable healthcare providers who can advise them on effective care for prevention and management of their symptoms. Our goal is to educate women during the phases leading into, during, and after menopause.

  • We share information for women 20s through 50s and beyond.
  • We provide evidence-based education and information on hormonal changes, symptoms, and guidance on how to manage each phase of menopause.
  • We provide women evidence-based resources that promote healthy lifestyle choices and informed healthcare decisions.

"As doctorate-trained physical therapists with board certified specialization in women’s health, along with years of continuing education, we have joined forces to bring more than 50 years of clinical experience treating women, and continue to treat women throughout the lifespan. Our goal is empower women about their health through education for each phase of her life. "

Karen Snowden & Karen Litos

Founders of (Pre) Menopause Matters