It's Time To Get To The Heart Of The matter

Did you know that compared with men, young women are experiencing worsening rates of morbidity and mortality related to coronary heart disease? Be part of the educational solution to spread education and raise awareness of cardiovascular health with this mini-power course.

Heart disease is leading cause of death in women in US... but why?

The truth is most women don't even know this statistic, therefore, aren't even aware that they should be asking about screening for it. 

As health practitioners, we need to arm women with education on this killer disease and educate them as part of the front-line defense to better understanding how to combat it.

Cardiac Statistics

This mini-power course will educate you on the very real statistics and share insights on the numbers and risks of this disease.

Cardiac Screening

Within this training, you'll receive a cardiac screening risk checklist to use within your own practice and patient work.

Cardiac Education

This special training focuses on cardiac education for women and preps you with tools to use when educating your patients.

Cardiac Case Studies

The training showcases specific case studies to share ways to promote awareness and further cardiac education.

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