October 23

Are Seat Belts Safe in Pregnancy?


Yes!  Research indicates many pregnant women wear seat belts, but nearly 3/4 wear them incorrectly.  Reasons include that seat belts are inconvenient, uncomfortable, or fear of harming the baby.  Educating women in the proper use of a seat belt can prevent 50% of fetal loss resulting from a motor vehicle accident.  Seat belts help avoid fetal impact of the steering wheel in front and rear collisions.  Airbags are safe for pregnant women.  Teach pregnant women this important safety information.

Proper Seat Belt Placement

The shoulder strap should be worn to the side of the uterus, between the breasts, and over the midportion of the clavicle with the lap portion placed as low as possible over the protuberant portion of the abdomen and across the thighs.


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