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We provide reliable, affordable programs for women seeking to take charge of their health and longevity. Our goal is to raise the bar for women’s medicine without the constant bombardment of your inbox. Practical solutions are our sweet spot. Join us!

What we do

Provide the most current menopause-related women’s health evidence

As women health experts, we've seen loads of information on menopause. The problem is that a lot of that information is inaccurate, missing huge components, and not giving women the complete picture of what to expect during this phase in her life. Our mission is to educate women and professionals who specialize in women's health on the complete picture of menopause and how to best approach the process.

Comprehensive Data

We believe in sharing the full picture and examine all the research and data available to educate from the most comprehensive information possible.

Women's Health Focused

We believe women's health requires a focused approach, as our bodies are uniquely made and differ from men in core ways.

Ongoing Training

We believe education is a lifelong practice and have dedicated our lives to continuing to learn and educate on all areas of women's health.

why we do it

We’ve been there

We've dedicated our work to help  women understand all the changes that occur while they are living their busy lives…getting pregnant, nursing babies, building careers, exercising, or just hanging out with family or friends. Why? Because we've been there! We know, first-hand, what we face as women, in addition to being professionals who've seen how the healthcare industry has vastly overlooked many areas in women's health. Our goal is to fill in those gaps and support women and women's health professionals to provide the most complete support possible.

We want to bring a new conversation to women's health

During our careers as women's health professionals, we've also witnessed huge gaps in different areas of women's health that overlook crucial components that provide a more realistic picture.


What People Are Saying

Fantastic program!

"I think the online model was fantastic and I greatly appreciate not having to fly across the country, get a hotel, transportation, etc. Thank you for extending this course to an online session." 




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"Great information and applicable to my practice!"




Very pleased!

"I was very pleased with the course."




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